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深沉 / Darkness

深沉 Darkness
终于音乐又想起来,我想从我混沌的思绪中找出点细缝, That music finally comes back to me, what I want is to find a thin thread of carefulness among the chaos in my head,
能透露出一点光亮,而我的脑袋可以晃一下,俩下. to let a tiny bit of light through, to let my mind stabilize for one moment, two moments.
春天过去的时候,有位80多岁的老人对我说,有故事将会发生在夏天. Spring had just passed, this old man told me that summer held stories yet to happen.
你抬头看看我们巷子深处的一棵孤独的树上了么, When you raise your head can you see that one lonely tree that has grown in the depths of our alley?
那里有一对鸟打算在这个夏天结为夫妻. Two little birds live in that tree, they will fall in love this summer and marry.
就象我们一样,你看看我, Just like us, you look at me,
我看看他,他满身皱纹,我猜测那些皱纹中是否藏有什么秘密, and I look at him,
我仔细用目光搜索.然后又看了看那棵已经死掉的树, and I’m wondering what secrets are conceiled within those wrinkles on his body.
光秃秃的树干上什么也没有,那鸟在哪?是否在树的皱纹里? I look around carefully, searching. And I see that deceased old tree again.
我浑身突然一抖,就好象被什么东西击打了一般. Not one twig left on it’s barren trunk, and where are those two little birds?
Hiding within its wrinkles?
有个声音对我呼喊到:我要砍掉你的手,我要砍死你. My body suddenly quivers all over, as if struck by something heavy.
这时的音乐是缓慢而沉重的. A scream then: “I’m gonna cut your hands off, I’m gonna axe you to death!”
Laughter, tears, and the happiness goes on,
老人又对我说着什么, and at this point,
我没有听到,什么都没有听到,那强壮的老人,昏黄的目光. the music is slow and heavy.
麻木的,悲伤的同类,因为我们都在这个遥远的巷子里,长长的巷子,几步就可以走完. The old man again tells me something,
在外面是大街,车水马龙,很阳光和嘈杂. I did not hear it, did not hear a thing! Oddly strong old man, dim eyed.
而我们这里依然是深沉的. Us; the two of us, and that tree, and those little birds; we are indifferent, with no concept of retribution,
Numb and sad in the same way, all in this remote alley, in this streched out alley I could exit with only a few steps.
Out there: the avenues, crowds and cars, sunshine and noise,
But in here
same as before
is darkness.


诗人/Poet: 白羽 (Bai Yu)

翻译/Translator: Bjorn Wahlstrom

2011年7月23日第一个译站朗诵  / Read at United Verses 1, Jul 23, 2011

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