Submissions / 提交

United Verses will be holding it’s next bilingual poetry reading on the evening of Wednesday, December 10 at the Royal Asiatic Society Library. We’re looking for new poems in English and Chinese. If you’d like to submit your poems, please do so before Monday, November 17.
译站将于12月10号晚上在皇家亚洲学会(Royal Asiatic Society)的图书馆举行下一期双语诗歌朗诵会。请大家提交新的中文或英文诗。提交的截止时间是11月17号(星期一)。

Please note, that if you’re poem is selected, you’ll be required to read your poem at the event on December 10.

Translators, please contact us if you’re interested in helping translate poetry from Chinese to English or English to Chinese.