United Verses 5 at Riverside / 译站5@河岸

United Verses is proud to announce that it will be hosting United Verses 5 at 3pm on December 1st, at Riverside (河岸), one of Shanghai’s grooviest cafes for live folk music, film screenings and poetry readings. Here’s the address:

160 Ha’erbin Lu, near Liaoning Lu

1913 Creative Park, Building A, Room 301

Riverside is a 5 minute walk from metro Line 4 and 10’s Hailun Lu Station.

You can see pictures and read more about the venue here (Chinese).


上海市虹口区哈尔滨路160号“老洋行1913”创意园 A301(近辽宁路)


One thought on “United Verses 5 at Riverside / 译站5@河岸

  1. Jenny says:

    It was a great gathering, sharing, and spending time…

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