Moon / 月亮

Moon 月亮
It’s a massive mistake 多么大的一个错误!
To restrict the beauty of the moon 将月亮的美丽
To its ability to reflect the sun – 归功于它对太阳的反射力
Only gazing when it is silver bright. 只有在它银光璀璨时,才会对它注意
Can’t you see? The moon is the same every night – 君不见?每晚的月亮,都那么一样
Heavy black rock steady in our sky, 沉稳地挂在我们上空的,那块黑色巨石
Circling our lives reliably,

环绕着我们的生活, 忠诚可靠

Turning our tides affectionately – 推动着我们的潮水, 柔情真挚
The moon is not a body of illumination, but gravity – 月亮,不是一环亮光,而是引力
Drawing us upwards away from the dust, 将我们拔引至尘土之上
Just out of reach but never out of touch – 不被埋没却永远不会遥不可及
Never waning. 永不消殒
The moon moves every soft wind, 月亮移动着每一缕柔软的风
Every heaving ocean, 每一片激荡的海洋
But here is the question: 有份疑虑:
Maybe the moon moves you 当你每次改变方向
Every time you change direction. 移动你的

Poet/诗人: Richard Watkins

Translator/翻译: 许琳 (Lin Xu)

Read at United Verses 2, Dec 10, 2011 / 2012年12月10日第二个译站朗诵

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