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和里面的一些对话 / Conversations With Inside

和里面的一些对话 Conversations With Inside
这是一条通往我自己深处的暗道 This is the tunnel that leads deep into myself
虽然, 偶尔也会有其他不同质地的访问者 Although I constantly have visitors of different textures
他们以不同的方式进入 Coming in in different ways
或兴奋, 或麻木, 或好奇, Whether excited, or numb, or curious
亦或轻装上阵, 亦或全副武装 Whether scantily clad or armed to the hilt
在得到允可后 Given permission,
我也会接纳赤裸的热情访客 naked passionate visitors are invited in
来解决我成长中的烦恼 to soothe my growing pains
原因是 我无法理解 The Reason: I can’t understand why
敏感如蜗牛的触角在吸收入宇宙间五彩斑斓的氧份后 after the sensitivity of my snail’s feelers absorbed all the colorful elements in the air,
却无法排泄出自我矛盾的苦恼 I couldn’t excrete the worries of my self contradictions.
它们刺激我神精的末梢 They stimulate the ends of my nerves
并让我张罗起夜的黑网 象儿时扑捉蝴蝶似的 and they let me manage the dark net of the night like catching butterflies when I was a child,
扑捉梦乡 catching dream lands
而失眠的中华医学成果 But Chinese medicine’s successful studies of insomnia
无法解释我便秘的思路 can’t explain my constipated thoughts
这一次 来访者携带高科技产品 This time one of the visitors brought along a high-tech product
手忙脚乱 履行义务 Hurried and perfunctory
我将就着白日梦 暂且忘记来访者的意图 I compromised my day dreams and temporarily forgot the purpose of the visitors,
缓缓进入自己 and slowly came into myself
我看到 自己站在自己之下 I saw how I stood under myself
自己走在自己之上 walked above myself
自己躺在自己之内 lay inside myself
自己脱在自己之外 took off layers outside myself
还有无数个自己以各种欲望在暗道里短兵相接 Besides that, there are countless selves doing battle inside the tunnel
我们爱戴着对方的耻辱, 又羞辱着彼此的荣誉 We love bearing each others’ disgrace, humiliating each others’ honor
我们在疑问中死去 又显身与不同的答案之中 We die in questions, and come to life through answers.
我们从一个脸庞中剖析出成千上万的遗传基因 We dissect and analyze millions of parental genes from one face,
又在无数个灵魂里揣摩出一种痕迹 cloning a trail from countless souls.
除此之外 Besides that
交通正在堵塞 Traffic is jammed
市场经济生意兴隆 The market economy is growing
爱情与婚姻勾心斗角 Love and marriage are in conflict in both public and private
举国上下欢庆无名的葬礼 The whole country is celebrating a nameless funeral
与此同时 And at the same time
消化不良 疑神疑鬼 彻夜难眠 Indigestion, skeptical minds, insomniacs
等等相关的场面 And such things appearing on the scene
皆在暗道里化为传说中的那座山 Have all become that legendary mountain in the tunnel,
只是今朝今昔连愚公也无能为力 But today, tonight even Yu Gong can’t help
经过高科技的洗礼后 After the high-technology’s christening
来访者在外界举起中指 询问我关于内在的消息 The visitors raised their middle finger on the outside, asking for the messages from inside
我在暗道里接出一招 并点点头 I took that, and nodded my head in the tunnel.
天长地久 白头偕老 海枯石烂 The end of days, growing old together, until seas dry up and the stones rot,
等等当今的传说 And such modern legends
我准备将他们统统吃下去 再慢慢让它们在我体内 I will prepare to eat them up slowly taking them into my body again
提炼 打磨 透明 to purify, to polish, to crystallize
变为琥珀 until they turn to amber.
有一天 我会 One day I will
在各种场合下不紧不慢 take things easy in all kinds of circumstances.
当来访者举起白旗 When visitors raise the white flag
我会告诉他们 I will tell them
我的暗道坚贞不虞 My tunnel is steadfast
不过在此之前 But before that
我必须学会冷暖自知 并掌握想象的尺度 I have to know myself in all situations and master the scale of my imagination
直到我可以出入自如 Until I can come and go as I please

诗人/Poet: 赵可 (Coco Zhao)

翻译/Translator: Tom Mangione

2011年12月10日第二个译站朗诵  / Read at United Verses 2, Dec 10, 2011

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