The Paramour / 情人

The Paramour 情人
You had a vision of her 你幻想着她
on the bed, legs cocked like pistols 浮现在床上,双腿像手枪般翘起
in a black thong that hardly held a secret. 黑色丁字裤内难掩悸动
The body beside yours a map to the next one. 她躺在你的侧旁
you felt that old litany
of desire rising like a wave, 等待着你的探索
foamy in the heart and around the eyes. 你感觉欲望

Poet/诗人: Sarah Marie Lowe

Translator/翻译: 钞小真 (Winni Chao)

Read at United Verses 2, Dec 10, 2011 / 2012年12月10日第二个译站朗诵

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One thought on “The Paramour / 情人

  1. giuseppe says:

    Sarah, this is a fantastic poem, congratulations! I really love it, it is so… pregnant of matter!

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